There is a design I really like that is not on the site anymore

If you came across a graphic that is not currently on the site it is because we
have either removed it from the site due to lackluster sales OR it has gone back
into our vault to come back at a later date. We try to keep the amount of designs we offer at any given time at around 19. So whenever we offer a new graphic, chances are that another graphic will be temporarily taken off the site. If you are looking for a design that is not currently offered on the site, message me and I might be able to make you a customized order! In that scenario, I will temporarily add the item to the site for you to order it and remove it once your transaction is complete.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do! We are currently looking into alternate methods of distribution to lower costs. As of now, we ship anywhere in the world for $20 no matter the size of the order. If you are in another part of the world, we recommend buying 2 or more items to lessen the sting! We ship all over Canada and Mexico for the same rate as the US. Shipping times for international orders vary and whenever possible we like to throw in a "freebie" to our fans across the globe

I got an extra shirt with my order?

Awesome! From time to time, when I am personally printing and shipping orders I will throw in a free item just for the heck of it. ENJOY IT! We like to hook up our fellow Tower Junkies from time to time.

Do you offer designs based on other Stephen King books?

We are currently negotiating with the movie studios on the following properties:
Different Seasons
The Shining
Pet Sematary
The Stand
The Green Mile
While we have the blessing of Stephen King, it came to all of our attention that in order
to do things 100% legitimately, we should also have the blessing of the movie studios that have merchandise options in their contracts with Mr. King's office. Even though our designs are inspired by the novels only, we are taking the proper steps so as not to step on anybody's toes. Look for some new properties to be available by early 2018!

What is the difference between your shirts and everybody elses?

The biggest difference between ka-tet19 and other online providers of similar goods is that we silk-screen every item, our shirts are ALWAYS of the very best quality, and we are allowed to do what we do. Most other companies use a printing method known as DTG (direct to garment) that is very similar to the printer you have at home for printing photos. While DTG printing is not necessarily bad, it has some MAJOR drawbacks if you don't physically own the machine. For example if you buy a shirt online and live in lets say, Indiana, chances are the website you bought it from will outsource the print job to one of its various printers (usually the closest one to you)  to digitally and cheaply print the shirt and send it to you. Sounds great, right!? Nope! Who is printing that shirt? How do you know you are getting the right fit? Does the person printing the design you ordered know what the design is supposed to look like? What if you have a problem with your order? Have you ever bought a shirt online and it smelled like vinegar? That is a dead giveaway that you bought an item that uses the DTG method. While DTG printing does deliver some beautiful prints, the technology is still very prone to operator error and a million other variables. Often, DTG prints will suffer these common problems: The print looks great until you wash it once, the placement of the art is way too high or way too low, the print is not vibrant, the print has a rubbery cheap look to it. Yuck! NO THANKS! At ka-tet19 we use good old fashion screenprinting! This method is a lot more labor intensive as each color for the design has its own stencil (screen) onto which a vibrant water based or oil based ink goes onto. This ensures that your print will be extra vibrant (or subtle if intended) and will last as long as the shirt does. This is why our shirts always arrive looking like they were bought from a department store, because we use the same process. It costs more this way but you are guaranteed to love your purchase from us and you will get what you hoped for every time!