About Us

Ka-tet19 was started by apparel designer Matt Kellick in 2016.
As a lifelong fan of The Dark Tower novels, Matt embarked on a 
quest to bring his unique artistic sensibility to other fans of the novels
using high end apparel as the medium. Simplistic in it's approach, the
idea was to create artwork that was more of a subtle nod to the story that fans
alone would recognize and indentify with. By engaging on social media, Ka-tet19
quickly and rather unexpectedly became the go-to resource for all "Tower Junkies"
looking for merchandise that was of much higher quality than what was
previously available. As the brand continued to grow, Matt partnered with KJMC, a
merchandising company in Southern California and secured licenses with the most
prominent illustrators of the original novels including and most notably, legendary
Sci-fi artist, Michael Whelan. Ka-tet19 strives to create a vibe and atmosphere
that reflects the meaning of Ka-tet; which means "one from many". The goal of 
Ka-tet19 is to continue to bring it's innovative apparel to all fans of The Dark Tower
and it's constant readers.