Ka-tet19 was created with the aspiration to create not only great apparel inspired by The Dark Tower, but bring along with a lifestyle vibe and sense of community not offered anywhere else. Founded in 2015 by Matthew Kellick, ka-tet19 quickly became the go-to shop for diehard Constant Readers eager to have something they could identify with and call their own. It is the countless creative contributions by the people that have come to know and love the brand that have shaped it into what it is today. 

     As a lifelong lover of Stephen King and The Dark Tower, and a well respected graphic artist in the apparel industry, Matthew wanted to fix what he saw as a great disservice to fans like him. One day, he  ordered a shirt from some random pop-up store and was appalled by what he received. A crummy print on a cheap rough tee shirt. It looked nothing like it was advertised and cost more than something you'd find at a department store. This needed a remedy and Matt was just the man for the job. Using his many connections in the licensing field, he diligently acquired the rights to use some of his favorite art as well as the rights to bring his own creativity into the arena making his fan art official canon into the mythology he so cherished. The goal of ka-tet19 has and always will be to deliver the very best quality available, create unique on-trend designs, make it affordable, and deliver it fast. 

    Since it's inception ka-tet19 has strived to bring the very best apparel to the very best people, readers like you! You are ka-tet, and we say thankee for all of your support over the years. If you have any questions, or just want to geek out, you'll usually find matt under his pen name "Pilot" all over facebook or feel free to email him at matt@ka-tet19.net.